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On Tuesday 30th September, the Computer Science and ICT Department ran the first ever Computer Games Club. The turnout was spectacular with students in attendance from Year 7 - 11.

The club will allow students to develop high end ICT skills and will see them create the gaming servers needed to host the games as well as choosing and installing software needed for the gaming servers to work correctly. Students will also be designing and creating a website that will provide information about the gaming club and competitions that will be taking place, again the students will maintain the website and update it regularly.

Thanks to Robert Pennington (8A) we have now named the club the TSA Gaming League. Students have been tasked with coming up with the idea of a new logo that will become the official logo for the club. The students had an amazing time and were able to show off their Minecraft skills on our specialist educational version of Minecraft.

Well done to everyone who attended.

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